Tech21 Screen protectors iPhone 14

You’ve just purchased your shiny new phone, dropped it and now the screen is cracked. Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this happens a lot. And we mean, a lot. You can try to be more careful or avoid getting your phone out when you’re on the go, but there’s a simpler solution - screen protectors.

1) A cracked screen is irritating

Whether you’re a Samsung or an iPhone user, a cracked screen is annoying. When you’re watching a Youtube video or scrolling through Whatsapp, a cracked screen nags away at you. You try to stop thinking about it but you can’t - it’s always there causing mild irritation.

A glass screen protector can prevent this. Just slide it over your phone and watch as many TikTok videos as you want, all in crystal clarity.

2) Replacing a cracked screen is expensive

Ever tried going to the Apple store and getting a quote on a cracked screen? It makes you want to wrap cotton wool around your phone and keep it in a glass box overnight.

A screen protector is a thrifty investment in the long-run. It makes sure you never have to spend eye-watering amounts to get your screen fixed and frees up some extra cash for fun phone cases. Win-win, if you ask us.

3) Keeping your phone clean

Screen protectors do more than just prevent a cracked screen, they also fight against bacteria. Due to the amount of time we spend on our phones, it’s only natural that we’ll accumulate dirt and dust after tapping away.

Our screen protectors come with microbe-fighting properties to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. After recent times, it’s more important than ever to keep germs from our most-used items.

4) They prevent wear and tear

Alongside a cracked screen, your phone typically picks up and scrapes and scratches along the way. It’s inevitable. If it slips out of your pocket whilst in the car or you drop it in the kitchen whilst looking for a new recipe, it’s probably going to be scratched.

This is why our protectors are so important. They’re purposely designed with scratch-resistant materials to maintain a pristine finish. If you’re someone who loves your phone to be in tip-top condition, screen protectors are a must-have.

5) They’re ultra-responsive

Our cases and screen protectors are made to be dropped. That means they’ve been specifically created to absorb impact and reduce damage to your phone. Think of it as another layer of protection - sometimes it’s the difference between a shiny surface and a cracked mess.

Ultimately, screen protectors give you something priceless - peace of mind when you’re using your phone. Affordable and high-quality, they’re a simple way to preserve your phone and reduce any stress.