How to spot a fake Tech21 case

Counterfeiting, or imitating, has become a global problem which has increased significantly over the past few years. Counterfeit products tend to have fake company logos and brands on them.

The production of such goods results in patent and/or trademark infringements which have serious consequences. According to a study carried out by the Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau (CIB) of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) fake goods make up between 5-7% of World Trade. (Counterfeit Intelligent Bureau, Countering Counterfeiting: A guide to Protecting and Enforcing Intelligent Property Rights; United Kingdom).

Everyone is Affected

All parties of our society are affected by counterfeiting. For businesses, making fake products will damage the reputation of the organization whilst consumers are victims of being sold products which are of poor quality and in some cases harmful.

Producing counterfeited goods results in a severe decline of income and profit for a company which causes job seekers, as well as those who are already employed, to suffer as a result of the decline in job roles available. Counterfeiting causes our society as a fundamental unit to suffer due to unpaid costs from such organizations; when one purchases a counterfeited product, one aids traders who proceed to break the law.

FAKE Tech21 Products

Tech21 products provide excellent protection for your device by combining ingenious design with scientifically proven impact absorbing materials such as FlexShock®.

Counterfeited Tech21 Products have been introduced into the market by counterfeit manufacturers who recreate false versions of Tech21 products. It’s not a surprise that these fake goods are not created with premium materials and do not provide protection for your device.

How can I spot a Fake Tech21 Product?

There are several tell-tale signs of a counterfeited Tech21 product:

• Colours bleeding into one another, in and around the case
• Non-Tech21 Packaging
• Price: If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!
• Poor craftsmanship
• Incorrect pattern

We want you to be aware of these fake Tech21 phone cases, as there is no way they can live up to the scientifically proven levels of multi-drop protection our own products - including iPhone 13 cases, iPhone 13 mini cases, iPhone 13 Pro cases and iPhone 13 Pro Max cases - provide.