Tech21 Picking the Perfect Phone Case Samsung Evo Tactile and Evo Art iPhone 13

Dropped your phone? Are you annoyed? Upset? Gutted? All of these emotions and more? We all know the despair of breaking a new phone and nobody wants to see a smartphone covered in bumps, dents and scratches.

Accidents happen and once you’ve dropped a caseless phone once, you won’t be doing it again. From vacuuming the house to going out for a run and dashing for a train to being on the receiving end of an overenthusiastic toddler’s throw, our phones are subject to so many hazards. Not great when so many of our lives revolve around them now.  

Here at Tech21, we’re Top of the Drops – just check out our test results vs the leading competitors – and have protective phone cases for all the bestselling devices. Once you’ve made the decision to protect your phone, the next step is to decide which kind of case: Functional or fashionable? Thin and slim or rugged and extra durable? Clear or convenient? With so many choices, we’re here to help.  


Tech21 Evo Max iPhone 13 case

Get rugged with an Evo Max

Tech21 Evo Clear Samsung S22 case

Keep it clear with an Evo Clear

Tech21 Evo Art Rainbow Sunburst iPhone 13 case

Get sassy with an exclusive Evo Art


When it comes to buying your next phone case, bear in mind which features you want from it – do you want a clear case that shows off the device or a case made from environmentally friendly materials? Evo Clear and our Eco range have your device covered...

If you spend a lot of time outdoors or in a physical job, you might want something a bit more rugged and heavy duty like Evo Max, complete with a belt clip as it’s not going to fit in your pocket. You also might be keen on a folio case focused on convenience. Our Evo Wallet case has space for two cards, extra privacy thanks to its screen cover and multiple viewing angles for streaming while on the move.  

Our cases have mechanical buttons to ensure they are more responsive than any others and the raised bevels around the camera offer an extra level of reassurance when it comes to keeping this all-important element of your phone safe from damage.


Tech21 Evo Wallet iPhone 13 case

Everything in one place with Evo Wallet

Tech21 Classic Blue Evo Check iPhone 13 case

Keep your phone secure with an Evo Check

Tech21 Misty Violet Eco Slim biodegradable iPhone 13  case

Make a statement with Eco Slim


Buying a phone is an investment and you need to ensure it’s fully prepared for everything life throws at it. A protective case helps. By working directly with the manufacturers, Tech21 designs cases that complement every curve, contour and connection of a device – meaning they work just as seamlessly as before.

A case with a snug fit means enhanced protection for your device. Tech21 cases are designed to fit around everything from buttons and ports to 5G waves and connections and are rigorously tested to ensure your phone is in full working order while also fitting perfectly.

A tight fit around the device ensures extra protection and impact absorbance. We make sure our cases are easy to apply and take off without causing any damage to either the device or your fingernails (top tip: push down on the bottom right corner with your thumb to loosen the case).

No matter what you choose, all our cases offer extra levels of protection around the key pressure points of your phone. We protect the corners so that our case absorbs the impact of a drop or accident rather than your device.


Still not sure which Tech21 case to go for? All of our cases are made with the smartest impact materials around and are designed to fit into your lifestyle. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the reviews from customers and the press when you’re deciding which case to buy.