Tech21 Evo Clear and Evo Tint cases for Samsung Galaxy Flip3 and Z Fold3 2021 phones

Samsung recently announced the release of their new Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 phones. If the idea of a Flip phone takes you right back to the pre-social media days of the early 2000s, we know exactly where you’re coming from… What will come back next? Double denim, studded belts, Club Penguin and skinny ties (no shirt) are our rather bold predictions.

We digress but there are high hopes for these new smartphones and we know many of you will be eager to get your hands on them. With two pieces to fit together, you may be thinking you’ll need double the protection but why settle for that when you could go with Tech21 – and you should know by now that we always outperform other cases in independent testing.

Our Z Flip 3 cases and Z Fold 3 cases – which are snapped onto the device by the strongest adhesive tape around – are ready for all kinds of impact – while the Samsung Flip and Fold cases with a cool carbon tint are fully prepared to withstand drop after drop.

Each case has advanced antimicrobial technology built into its materials to keep things clean, with Evo Clear’s crystal clear transparency lets you admire the original Samsung design for your Z Flip or Z Fold 3. Find your angle with Tech21’s latest cases…

New Flip and Fold? With 12ft multi-drop protection, it’s an open and shut case.