At their latest Galaxy Unpacked launch, Samsung unveiled details of their new Note20 and the device will be available to buy from 21 August but other than some gorgeous new colours (have you seen Mystic Bronze?), how does it differ to the bestselling Note10?

Below we’ll take a look at the specs of each device but in the meantime, don’t forget that you can get ultra-protective cases for Note20 and covers for Note10 from tech21.


  • Note20 – 4G/5G (Note20 Ultra 5G – 5G)

  • Note 10 – 4G (5G edition also available) (Note10+ – 4G (5G edition also available))


  • Note20 – 6.7” (Note20 Ultra 5G – 6.9”)

  • Note10 – 6.3” (Note10+ – 6.8”)


  • Note20 – 4300mAh (Note20 Ultra 5G – 4500mAh)

  • Note10 – 3,500mAh (Note10+ – 4300mAh)


  • Note20 – 256GB (Note20 Ultra 5G – 256GB/512GB + 1TB microSD card)

  • Note10 – 256GB (Note10+ – 256GB/512Gb)

Other features

The new range of Note20 cases have been made with today and the future very much in mind – especially when it comes to their 5G connectivity and HyperFast processor. Each case has a minimalist metal design and easily connects to Windows and all of its compatible apps, while their ultra-intelligent batteries use power efficiently so that they will last through the entire workday and into the evening. The new S Pen and improved Samsung Notes also mean you will have the full power of a computer in your hands.

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