Created in the late 1980’s in France, Parkour is a high-impact sport that requires its practitioners (traceurs) to run, jump, climb, and perform artistic gymnastic manoeuvres while getting from one destination to another in the most creative ways possible.

Run, leap, spring, twist, tuck, drop, roll…

Like our T21 products, Parkour is all about strength, high-performance, and withstanding falls from impressive heights. These shared qualities formed the backdrop & inspiration for our Parkour themed campaign, which showcased the release of our tried and tested drop-proof Samsung S23 cases. After all, who would be pickier with their phone protection than an athlete that scales steep heights, tall buildings, jumps across gaps between various urban obstacles, performs acrobatic flips in mid-air, and takes out their phone to film it all happening in real time?


Unlike other phone case companies we’re a team of scientists and engineers, and we adopt stringent testing methods approved by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, to ensure our science-backed cases provide unrivalled levels of multi-drop protection - If a case doesn't survive 20 drops, it simply doesn't go into production. We may not all be professional traceurs, but whether you’re running on the sides of buildings or running for the bus on your morning commute, hopping off city park obstacles or onto a crowded train, our drop-proof S23 cases allow you to carry your device with total confidence, wherever you are.


Parkour is all about shattering expectations and pushing yourself to the limit. From UV and scratch-resistant finishes to anti-slip grip detailing and enhanced camera protection, our exclusive Samsung S23 cases are tested to the extreme and are designed for life’s unexpected mishaps – allowing you to break boundaries, not your phone.