Whether you’ve bought a new device from Apple, Samsung or Google, we know you’ll be desperate to show off the manufacturer’s original design – especially now there are so many colours to choose from. To do this, you’re going to want one of Tech21’s clear phone cases that are guaranteed to stay transparent.

Why do phone cases yellow?

We’ve all seen those grubby, once-clear phone cases that look in need of a good scrub but have you ever wondered why this discolouring happens. The answer lies in the types of materials used. The plastics regularly used to make clear phone cases are negatively affected by consistent exposure to UV rays which, when combined with oxygen, spark off a process called photo-oxidation that leads to unsightly – and, let’s be honest, ugly - yellowing.

How do Tech21 keep cases so clear?

We add intelligent anti-yellowing agents that are proven to provide ultra UV resistance into all of our clear phone cases during the design process. We select these materials as they contain the optimum properties to guard against yellowing and then, just to be sure, we add even more extra-special additives to ensure the cases stay clear. We put these materials through a rigorous testing process which includes accelerated weathering that tests just how resistant they are to these UV rays.

While many of our competitors cut corners and take the easy option – one that finds their cases yellowing before they even get into customers’ hands – we ensure the materials used in our clear phone case range offer total transparency for the lifetime of the device.

You’ll find this ultimate UV resistance in our Evo Clear cases, Evo Sparkle cases and Evo Lite Clear cases.