Tech21 Back to School top grade protection

As students of all ages prepare to head back to school or university to continue their studies after the summer break, they’re going to need top-grade protection for all their essential tech. From protective phone cases to MacBook cases and iPad cases, Tech21 has it all covered but what about the potential for social embarrassment.

Here, we take a look at some of the modern-day fears every student has to face up to…

An embarrassing ringtone or notification

Yes, we all know that teens and Gen X use their phones for everything but making a call now, but what if they’re using an older sibling or parent’s hand-me-down phone that blasts out a song from the ‘olden days’ that their classmates really don’t want to hear – or even a ‘hilarious’ notification sound effect.

A TikTok video gone wrong

So many young people have been creating masterpieces on TikTok over the last couple of years, but what happens if the subject of your nearest and dearest’s one isn’t deemed cool enough or – even worse – another student has tackled the same topic but with funnier jokes and better special effects?

A low battery

Oh, the shame of asking to borrow someone else’s portable charger… Is that the modern-day equivalent of forgetting your pencil case?

Getting a phone scratched by a protractor

Rulers, pens, sharpeners, stationery that nobody understands, lunchboxes and other things with sharp edges… A school bag is no place for a phone without protection. All these items can cause real damage to a phone and its screen so make sure all the most valuable tech is protected with a Tech21 phone case and screen protector.

What other potentially embarrassing tech moments do you think students should be watching out for as they head back to school or university?