Tech21 Soft Mango Eco Slim iPhone 13  Case - 100% Biodegradable Phone Case

Tech21 Delicate Earth Eco Art iPhone 13  Case - 100% Biodegradable Phone Case With Exclusive Artwork


Why are Tech21 cases so good? It’s because we have an in-house science and materials team that is focused on protecting your tech, no matter how many times you drop it. They’re constantly pushing the boundaries to make products that are fit for the modern world while reducing our impact on it.

Our Eco range (Eco Slim and Eco Art) is the result of this innovative approach. Presented in a range of contemporary colours and with on-trend artwork, these environmentally friendly phone cases offer protection against all kinds of everyday knocks, shocks and drops.


We’re all striving to do better and lessen our negative impact on the environment. Tech21 is no exception. From recycled phone cases that cut down on both our carbon emissions and levels of industrial waste to phone cases made from materials that leave no microplastics or chemical residue in the environment after use, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to tech protection.

We’ve all heard and seen the horror stories of plastic clogging up our oceans and appearing in landfill (it’s worth noting that almost all plastics can biodegrade but this can take thousands of years) but what kind of impact do phone case materials have on this? At Tech21, we’re pleased to say it’s minimal – and we’re working hard to reduce this even further. While our Eco cases for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 were made from fully biodegradable materials, we've now developed an additive that ensures our latest cases offer full multi-drop protection over the course of their lifetime before decomposing by up to 90% within 10 years.

Other case manufacturers may focus on compostable phone cases that break after minimal use, but we pride ourselves on the durability and longevity of our products. When you consider transportation and manufacturing costs, it’s clear that buying a new phone case every three or four months rather than one that lasts the lifetime of the device is not great for the environment. With our pioneering tech, we’ve developed cases made from 100% biodegradable materials that still protect your phone drop after drop.


The short answer is yes.

You want more details…? Ok, here we go. While a compostable product is a type of biodegradable plastic, the speed at which it biodegrades depends on the amount of exposed surface on the product – and on phone cases, this is a fair chunk. This means compostable cases biodegrade too quickly and are not durable enough to protect your phone for as long as it lasts, meaning – in our view – they are not fit for purpose.

We have worked on compostable cases in the past but when we realised they would not last 20 drops (actually, they broke far quicker than that), we went back to the drawing board and developed an innovative formula that leaves no microplastics or chemical trace in the environment.

We’re always striving to do better and this is just one step on our sustainable journey.