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Tech21 biodegradable phone cases

Eco-friendly Phone cases

Our dedicated science and materials team will always go further than anyone else when it comes to providing better phone protection... As part of our journey to greater sustainability – and to play our part in helping the environment – we're thrilled to have developed our Eco range of 100% biodegradable phone cases.

Engineered to biodegrade - leaving no microplastics or toxic residue behind

After developing so many game-changing impact materials in the past, we are now investing heavily in the research and development of eco-friendly cases that are guaranteed to leave no microplastics, residue or chemical trace in the environment.

Tech21 pink eco-friendly iPhone 12 case - Eco Slim

18 months of research and development - Zero impact on the environment

It took our team a year and a half to develop the Eco range, with the first case we engineered being a bit too compostable and breaking down far too quickly… Undeterred by this setback, our Materials team was even more determined to show they could make phone cases from 100% biodegradable materials – they truly rose to the challenge. We re-engineered our formula with composite materials including cork and wood filler to make sure the case lived up to our standards before slightly tweaking the design to add in air pockets that help soak up any impact.

Of course, we want our cases to look as good as they protect - which is why our Design team works closely alongside Research and Development to come up with exclusive and exciting artwork that reflects current and contemporary trends.

The process

It takes a few weeks for our Designers to research the trends that will inspire their artwork. They start by looking at consumer insights to see where customers’ interests lie and then examine global cultural trends. They’ll then create mood boards full of inspiring imagery and examples of art that reflect the theme e.g. our Terazzo case was inspired by how we can all do better for the environment, taking inspiration from the tradition of recycling marble chips, while the floral cases reflect the increasing blending between the real and digital world.

Tech21 biodegradable iPhone case - Eco Art Terazzo
Tech21 eco-friendly iPhone case - Eco Art

The influences

Our designers create artwork that will peak customers’ interests and tell an easily digestible and relevant story that is reflective of the world we live in today. These designs also need to reflect our values as a company. As with everything at Tech21, we only use the highest quality artwork to ensure the colours and composition complement both the case and device. After carrying out this research and creating the mood boards, the Design team allows their creativity to run wild before finalising the finer details of each pattern. This collaborative process allows the artworks to be seen with a fresh prospective before going into production.

The eco approach

We are passionate about reflecting the biodegradable nature of our eco-friendly phone cases in their designs. We carefully choose stories and mood boards that have strong environmental or nature-inspired themes and take care to ensure all the colours we use feel natural and that the imagery is organic. Having a pattern that reflects the materials used in the case is beneficial as it elevates the design and helps enhance the story we’re telling about being more conscious about the environment…


It’s estimated that 1.5 billion phone cases are thrown away each year. Our super strong but super kind - and 100% biodegradable - Eco cases help reduce the level of waste in the environment.

Tech21 iPhone 12 eco-friendly phone cases

We always look beyond the obvious to discover new ways of doing things. We’ve been busy developing new materials that radically reduce impacts - for your phone and the planet – and now you can also buy recycled phone cases from Tech21.