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Our mission: Create the most intelligent protection on the planet

Product Testing

Tried and Tested. Built to Last.

So many products claim to protect devices from skyscraper-style drops, but do they really? We’re not really into making bold claims without letting you in on our testing secrets; so you can be sure that we’re the real deal. The tech21 drop test is carried out using state-of-the-art equipment loaded with sensors to measure impact, testing each and every product to the absolute max. This way, we know our customers are getting the very best tech protection available; undeniably backed by science.

Raising the Bar in Drop-Test Standards

So what is a drop test and how is it carried out? It’s not enough to just drop a phone on a pavement and claim it’s ‘drop protected’. Sure, it may still look great on the outside, but what’s to say that the internal components are still working properly?

A drop test machine is the only real way to make sure that a case will truly protect your phone. Luckily, tech21’s testing equipment is built to capture 90,000 raw data points and carries out 1.5 million calculations on every drop so we can fully understand how a device will react to certain impacts; internally as well as externally. This way we can create cases that are fully equipped to take the hit. Literally.

Oh, and we don’t drop test just once, because even the best of us drop our phones on more than one occasion. Instead, we continue to test drop-after-drop (over 20 times actually), to ensure that tech21 cases are built to provide the same level of protection over time. In fact, we’re the only cases on the market that can make this claim.

Fully Endorsed for Complete Trust

Still not convinced? You don’t just have to take our word for it, as the NPL – market leader in cutting-edge measurement science, has inspected and endorsed our product testing methods; which is kind of a big deal.

This independent institute has developed and maintained measurement standards for over a century. As a totally impartial organisation, the NPL only endorse products and services that fully live up to their claims. This means that tech21 customers can have complete confidence in our product testing, and therefore our products themselves. Our claims may be bold, but they’re backed by rock-solid science.

What We Test For

As we are drop testing our cases 20 times, our scientists carry out additional testing in order to produce the toughest cases possible. Our testing is often in partnership with phone manufacturers themselves, so you can be sure that your device couldn’t be in better hands. A few of our other tests include:

Fit Test

Abrasion Test

UV Test

Port Test

Audio Test

Camera Test