Tech21 Top Tips for Extending the Life of your Phone


Where else would we start? Make sure you put a Tech21 case on your phone to give it market-leading levels of multi-drop protection.


Spend most of your time outdoors? Get something rugged like Evo Max. Want to see the original design of your device? Grab yourself an anti-yellowing Evo Clear case. Still not sure? We can help you pick the perfect phone case...

3. DON't forget the screen protector

Which part of your phone do you touch the most? It's the screen, isn't it? You’ll want to keep it safe from damage with a scratch-resistant screen protector.

4. be prepared

Just bear in mind the potential hazards your phone could face on an average day. Loose pockets and packed bags are full of dangers.

5. charge your phone properly

The best and most efficient way to charge your phone is to do it little by little. Charging overnight or from empty cuts down on the long-term battery life.

6. leave it in the right place

Don’t leave your phone in direct sunlight. It will overheat. Equally, don’t let it get too cold and avoid placing it on precarious edges…

7. always use the correct charger

Your iPad cable is not going to work with your iPhone’s – make sure your charger cable is applicable with your device. And don’t even think about using a cable from a different manufacturer. It’s the equivalent of the Ghostbusters crossing the streams.

8. if the phone gets wet, dry it properly

Sometimes accidents happen and it’s just impossible to avoid your phone getting wet. If it absorbs too much water, this can spell bad news. Dry it properly by removing the detachable parts and placing it in rice to absorb the moisture for 24 hours.

9. protect the digital aspects

With the amount of hackers and spammers about, it’s important you keep your details safe and secure. A hacked phone could cause upset, anger and confusion – and you might want to take it out on the device. Keep your details safe and mind zen by being extra vigilant.


Our cases and these tips can all extend the lifetime of your phone but for even more peace of mind, get yourself some phone insurance and claim a replacement/your money back if the worst happens…