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Our mission: Create the most intelligent protection on the planet

Our Materials

Unique Patented Protection

Providing the smartest protection for your tech continues to be top of our list; because an expensive device deserves a quality case. We’re all about creating unique, durable and lightweight materials that stand the test of time and don’t have to be replaced. Each and every case is jam-packed with secret ingredients and special formulas, created by an in-house team of world-class scientists. Unique to us, these materials are super-strong, ultra-thin and continue to lead the way in phone protection; providing you with the most innovative phone cases around.


We are determined to play our part in protecting the environment by reducing our levels of waste and this is shown by our 100% biodegradable Eco range. Developed by our in-house science and materials team after months of extensive research, these unique cases are made from sustainable composite materials including cork and wood filler. They offer the same levels of impact protection that tech21 customers have come to expect and even come in 100% recyclable packaging.


It’s an undeniable fact that our phones pick up bacteria from a huge range of surfaces on a daily basis. More often than not, antimicrobial protection consists of a thin coating that wears off over time, which is no good to anyone. Unlike other phone cases, however, we incorporate antimicrobial ingredients into the case material itself, meaning that our germ-killing formulas offer permanent protection.

Flexshock TM

Much more resistant than your average phone case material, FlexShock TM absorbs impact energy like no other, so your phone doesn’t have to take the hit. We get that added bulk isn’t something you want to deal with, which is why we’ve morphed this high-performing material into a range of super-thin, lightweight cases.

BioShield TM

As far as innovative cell phone cases go, this particular material is crystal-clear and 40% plant-based, making it much kinder to the environment. Like FlexShock TM, it has been created to withstand knocks and drops, offering the very best protection in the most minimalistic of styles.

UV-yellowing Resistant

We’ve created UV-resistant materials to help battle sun-rays and keep your product looking its best all year round; because no one wants a yellow case. With built-in UV-resistance, discolouring will become a thing of the past and your device will look as vibrant as it did on day one.